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New Fire and Police Tests!

FPSI is pleased to now offer the Fire Aptitude and Character Test (FACT)! FPSI’s new Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT) is a content-valid written test used to measure candidates’ ability to effectively work with the public and other members of their department in addition to reading comprehension, writing ability,...

Personnel Testing in the Public Safety Industry

Recently Published Public-Safety Personnel Testing Publications ISBN10: 0-7414-9686-0 ISBN13: 978-0-7414-9686-7 Personnel Testing in the Public Safety Industry: A Practitioner’s Guide for Developing Balanced and Defensible Assessments by Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D. and Stacy L. Bell-Pilchard, M.S. Basic points of civil rights: Title VII of the 1991 Civil Rights Act, adverse impact,...

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