Job Analysis Consulting Services

Job Analysis Consulting Services

The federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures require completing a job analysis to provide validity evidence for any practice, procedure, or test that has adverse impact. Conducting a job analysis is usually the first step in the validation process. The Guidelines specify the criteria for completing an acceptable job analysis, and these essential criteria have been included in the FPSI job analysis process. Because the GOJA Process results in the identification of critical job duties, KSAPCs, and Physical Requirements, it lays the necessary foundation for a content validity study, and may also be used for gathering other forms of validity evidence (including criterion-related validity, construct validity, and other forms of validity).

The FPSI job analysis approach is more than a job analysis method. It is a methodology for developing content valid employment selection tools including job analyses, selection plans, job-specific supplemental application forms, assessments of promotability, structured interviews, and job-related performance appraisals to address the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines and other relevant standards. Many of the technical requirements of the Uniform Guidelines are addressed just by using this approach. The format used for the linking process is in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Guidelines with content validity, and, through its design is tailored to address the technical requirements of Sections 14C(1)-(4), (6)-(9) of the Uniform Guidelines.

Validated Selection Procedures

By allowing FPSI to assist with the validation of your selection procedures, employers are able to develop validated selection procedures for a position and determine the job duties that should be classified as “essential functions” under the ADA. If this process is completed effectively, the result will be a job analysis that identifies the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics (KSAPCs) that can be measured by the selection procedures for a given position.

ADA Requirements

The ADA requires providing “qualified individuals with disabilities” with “reasonable accommodations” to perform the essential functions (or “job duties” of a given position. Because the GOJA Process investigates the frequency and importance of duties, the percentage of time that incumbents spend completing duties, whether a duty constitutes a fundamental part of the job, and the extent to which duties can readily be assigned to other incumbents, the GOJA Process is designed to distinguish between the essential and non-essential duties of a position (these are some of the primary ways that duties can be deemed essential).

Beyond the Job Analysis

In addition to developing fair and validated selection processes and determining the essential functions of a position, FPSI can help create Job Descriptions, Selection Plans, Supplemental Application Forms, and Performance Appraisal Forms.