Practical Skills Test (PST)

Practical Skills Test (PST)

Fire & Police Selection, Inc. is pleased to offer a written test that measures mechanical aptitude and predicts entry-level firefighter academy and job performance.

The PST was validated in 2002 by fire academies from three different states, and offers a new dimension to screening entry-level firefighter applicants. This test contains questions that will assess your applicants’ abilities in the following areas:

  • Repair and/or maintenance of equipment/tools;
  • Use and operation of equipment/tools; and
  • Problem solving, analysis, and decision-making related to fire technology and science.

The validation process consisted of administering the PST to fire recruits in the academy after which FPSI obtained supervisory ratings. A relationship was found between performance on the PST and academy performance.

Recruits whose PST scores fell at or above the recommended cutoff score received higher supervisory ratings in three critical areas. Following a detailed criterion-related validation study, the PST is proven to increase academy performance by 10%. The chart below shows how the using the PST with the recommended cutoff will likely increase performance in your academy.

The PST is a 90-minute paper-and-pencil examination, which can be used as a stand-alone test or combined with other tests. The test results can be used on a pass/fail basis, by creating bands, or in a rank order fashion. If the PST is used in conjunction with other written tests, appropriate weights can be established for the various selection components.

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