Police Structured Interview Package (SIP)

Police Structured Interview Package (SIP)

The SIP assesses the critical dimensions of oral communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills in a systematic and valid manner. It is a complete package that includes all the information and forms needed to conduct a successful interview.

The SIP includes:

  •  A discussion of the interview process including “prohibited” questions, rater and administrator instructions, types of errors, and notes regarding use of the interview.
  • Situational questions directed at each of the dimensions measured, questioning techniques, and characteristics of strong and weak responses.
  • Dimension definitions and evaluative scales, rating forms, suggested cutoff scores, and documentation forms.


  • Validity: The SIP was developed and validated in 1978 by a consortium of cities. Since that time it has been revised and re-validated several times, most recently in 2005.
  • Completeness: The SIP contains all the information and materials to conduct the interview. These include rater and administrator instructions, domain definitions, rating guides and scales, and suggested questions.
  • Economy: The SIP is priced to be cost-effective even for small agencies. As a fixed-priced product, agencies with large numbers of candidates find it even more economical.

DOWNLOAD THE POWERPOINT: “Conducting Interviews That Work

  1. Download and save the .zip file (linked above) to your computer (15.7 MB, zip file)
  2.  “Unzip” the file and view the PowerPoint presentation

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