Virtual Firefighter Testing

Virtual Firefighter Testing

Entry-Level Virtual Firefighter Written Testing

The new online entry-level firefighter written test is a content-valid test that is administered in a virtual setting to measure critical skills and abilities your firefighter candidates must possess the first day on the job. This test was carefully crafted to include items that will identify those candidates who demonstrate minimum competencies in a variety of cognitive and non-cognitive areas. There is an optional personality component that can be utilized to further maximize diversity and ensure a balanced approach to the testing of your candidates.

Entry-Level Virtual Firefighter Oral Interviews

Keep your recruitment process moving forward by reducing the time between your written test and your oral boards using FPSI’s virtual interviews. Select from over 40 job-related and content valid situational-based scenarios. Candidates will interview from the comfort of their homes and their responses will be sent to your department for your panel members to review.

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Online Test Client Testimonials

“The Surprise Fire Medical Department (SFMD) recently implemented online recruiting for its Civilian EMS and Firefighter positions. This online approach is very different from the traditional style of in-person written exams and multiple in-person oral boards. The SFMD surveyed the market for a business partner to assist them and decided to go with FPSI. The team knew this process would be complicated for everyone involved because it was new. The team also knew that achieving our local HR requirements would take a great partner.

FPSI was that partner for the SFMD. From the first meeting, Stacy and her team laid out realistic timelines and roadmaps to ensure we met all local demands and maintained compliance with the FPSI standards. In addition, Stacy and the FPSI team set up a test portal so our team could experience what the candidates would see on test day. The portal was straightforward, and the video quality was very clear. One of the most impactful things the FPSI team did for the SFMD was to ensure all the candidate invitations had been delivered. Previously this was the responsibility of the SMFD. Reassigning this task freed up a ton of staff time.

The FPSI team continued to monitor candidate activity after the invitations were delivered. This continued monitoring allowed the SFMD to remind people to get in and complete their exams and interviews. The SFMD seems to lose multiple candidates during this portion of the process. These constant reminders help increase participation in the process. FPSI also followed up with the SFMD team throughout the process to ensure the team didn’t need anything. Their attention to detail was top-notch. If the department continues to conduct online testing, FPSI will be the SFMD’s partner for the foreseeable future.”

Brenden Espie, Fire Chief

Surprise Fire-Medical Department, AZ


“Everyone at FPSI absolutely ROCKS!!!  Thank you so much…I cannot begin to explain how much time, energy and focus this process has taken off of me, and how much better results we have gotten.  I am so thrilled at the results.  I already took the survey to make sure everyone knows.  The report with the demographics with the adverse impact review as part of it has made my life so much easier.  Thank you, again!”

Suzi Washo, Human Resources Manager

Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, WA


“FPSI is extremely convenient to work with and staff members are extremely responsive. Use of the online test saved my agency a significant amount of time and resources on the testing process. The products and services I received from FPSI were extremely professional.”

Julie Walker, Human Resources Manager

West Pierce Fire & Rescue, WA


“This is my first time working with members of the FPSI team. I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism they displayed and with how they served our needs. There was nothing complicated and everything was straight forward. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

Steve Dixon, Division Chief of Training/Suppression

Racine Fire Department, WI


“The online testing was awesome, convenient and progressive. FPSI were wonderful to work with. We needed to move forward due to retirements and losing staff and we didn’t know how long orders for social distancing and large groups would be, so I decided to move forward with the support of my commission.  After the exam, it only took 2 days to receive the results. Simple process. I questioned those that tested and had moved forward and they loved testing in their homes and were able to concentrate and not be in a testing environment. Overall I thought it went smooth and effortless. I would certainly use them again. I’m happy we decided to test online.”

Jodi DeStefanis, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Civil Service

City of Massillon, OH


“I am pleased with the overall experience. The customer service is second to none.”

Brian Lowe, Assistant Chief of Training

Murfreesboro Fire Department, TN


“FPSI continues to provide a quality service with great customer support. They have been a vital part of our hiring process.”

Jennifer Traux, Fire Department Administrative Assistant

City of Rapid City, SD


“The online test made it very convenient in our current covid environment. We will continue to use this testing process in the future.”

Ryan McConaghie, Deputy Chief

Sandy City Fire Department, UT


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FPSI addresses the federal Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures.