Certified Firefighter Test (CFT)

Certified Firefighter Test (CFT)

The Certified Firefighter Test (CFT) is a result of learning that more and more fire departments now require applicants to complete a fire academy or hold firefighter certification. To meet this need, we have developed a test specifically for candidates who have completed a fire academy.

Some agencies requiring applicants to be certified continue to use written tests measuring general abilities such as reading comprehension, etc. Such tests are suitable for applicants with no fire experience, since job knowledge tests would be inappropriate for this group. However, one of the reasons you require certification is to hire candidates who already have basic fire service knowledge and general ability tests do not measure this.

To ensure that your candidates have indeed acquired the critical knowledge you expect from academy completion, we suggest FPSI’s Certified Firefighter Test.

In FPSI’s Certified Firefighter Test, you will have 100 selected items covering materials found in the current IFSTA Essentials 6th Edition, Brady EMS, 11th Edition as well as various human relations skills.

When requested, departments can opt to have the items reviewed and rated by incumbent firefighters and fire service managers.  The information in each item will meet stringent standards for importance to the job, and will be linked to duties and Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics (KSAPCs) found in our comprehensive job analysis.

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FPSI addresses the federal Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures.


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