Firefighter Applicant Test Preparation

Firefighter Applicant Test Preparation

Firefighter applicants can mail order, download, or take online practice tests. Please consult with the department you are testing with to find out which “test version” they are utilizing before you order so you know which product to mail order, download, or take online.  Thank you!

Candidate Test Preparation Manual (TPM) and Practice Test

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Candidate Orientation Guides

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Firefighter Test Prep Videos–NEW!

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Other Practice Tests

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Online Practice Tests

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Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter or police officer but didn’t know if you had the knowledge necessary to pass the exams? Maybe you haven’t been around the industry in a while and you want to see how your knowledge stacks up to today’s standards.

Fire & Police Selection, Inc. now offers a series of online practice tests for firefighter and police officer candidates to take and receive valuable feedback on before they take the real thing. After you take a test, you will receive your score and feedback on areas of weakness for which you may need to study more.


Online FIREFIGHTER tests:

Test Preparation Manual (TPM) Practice Test is appropriate for people who have the TPM only. This is not a job knowledge test. The 10th Edition and 11th Edition practice tests contain 50 multiple-choice questions each.

National Fire Select Test (NFST) is our entry-level firefighter practice test that will determine how prepared you are to pass the actual NFST Test. This test will also provide those candidates taking the Comprehensive Examination Battery (CEB) Test with a sample of test items similar to those on the actual test. This test consists of 35 multiple-choice questions.

CFT / EMT Test is our job knowledge Certified Firefighter Test (CFT) that measures knowledge of both IFSTA Essentials (5th Ed.) and Brady Emergency Care (10th Ed.). This test is appropriate for people interested in testing for departments requiring a FF1 and EMT certification. This test contains 85 multiple-choice questions.

Firefighter Test is a job knowledge test measuring ONLY IFSTA Essentials (5th Ed.). This test contains 60 multiple-choice questions.

EMT Test is a job knowledge test measuring ONLY Brady Emergency Care (10th Ed.). This test contains 40 multiple-choice questions

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