Online Practice Test Disclaimer

Online Practice Test Disclaimer

You must read and agree to the terms below before purchasing any FPSI Online Practice Tests!

  1. Please read the test descriptions carefully. The test-taker will be responsible for payment of any tests taken online. Please note that any test taken herein is an online practice test ONLY (not a hard copy order). The price listed next to each test includes one online test session. You will only be allowed to take or review the practice test ONE TIME for each payment made.  Do not add multiple items into your cart as only one practice test will be viewable at a time.
  2. FPSI is not responsible and will not issue refunds should the test be interrupted or terminated due to natural disasters (i.e. earthquake, flood, lightning strike, etc.), test-taker computer or device failure (i.e. inadequate internet connection, old devices, etc.), or closing your browser before it is completed in its entirety. If you receive an error, please make note of the error and FPSI will review it to determine how the error occurred.
  3. Taking the online practice test is best if done using the Google Chrome web browser and a Windows PC (Devices such as cell phones, tablets, old devices and some Apple products (iPads, Macs) do not always support our testing platform—use at your own risk!!). FPSI will not give refunds and is not responsible if your device, hardware, browser, or internet carrier cannot support the online testing platform.
  4. Test results consist of a percentage score for each section and an overall percentage score for the entire test. However, you will NOT be given a scoring key, NOT be able to see which questions you missed, nor will you learn what the right answer is. The tests are meant to be used as a gauge to help you determine which sections or areas you need to study more before the real exam.
  5. We are not responsible if you are unhappy with your test results.
  6. FPSI will not provide refunds for those candidates who choose the wrong test edition.
  7. Do NOT change the quantity from one (1) on the shopping cart web page. If you elect to take the practice test more than once, be aware that the practice test will consist of the EXACT SAME test questions each time.
  8. There is only ONE version of each practice test or guide.  Each online test, download guide, and paper copy are the exact same.  If you elect to purchase them all, be aware that the practice test items are the exact same and we will not give refunds.
  9. If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy of an online practice test (if available) you may send a money order or cashiers check made payable to FPSI and mail it to:
    • FPSI, 193 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 270, Folsom, CA 95630
      (personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted through the mail)
    • Be sure to include clear, written instructions including a phone number and address to mail the practice test to. Please also specify the practice test version you are interested in obtaining. Hard copies of all practice tests are $7.00.
    • ALL hard copy practice tests contain the exact same practice test items as the online practice tests and orientation guide downloads.
  10. At times, U.S. fire departments will contact FPSI seeking contact information of applicants interested in firefighter opportunities/recruitments. Your email address may be shared with a U.S. fire department in the future in an attempt to connect you with recruitment opportunities. Your email address will ONLY be shared with a U.S. fire department (or City human resources personnel) who might notify you of upcoming recruitments and NOT with any other entity.
  11. IMPORTANT! On the following pages, please only click on the Submit button once to submit your registration and credit card information. DO NOT click the Back or Refresh button on your browser after you have clicked on the Submit button. There may be a slight delay depending on the speed of your internet connection, so be patient. FPSI is not responsible for multiple charges on your credit card bill.

If You Need Help…

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If you have read and agree to the terms above, please click the button below to take an online practice test!
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