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Fire & Police Selection

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FPSI's new validated police officer tests ensure that your candidates possess the critical reading, writing, verbal communication, decision-making and interpersonal skills required for the job.




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FPSI's well-validated and proven selection devices predict job performance prior to hiring the wrong candidate!





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Test Preparation Manual (TPM) Test


The TPM test assesses critical skills needed to succeed as an entry-level firefighter. Candidates are given the Test Preparation Manual to study for 3 to 5 weeks. They are then administered a multiple-choice test measuring their acquisition and retention of the material in the manual.


The 10th edition has its own set of Test Preparation Manual, Practice Test, and Test Booklet.

  • The 10th Edition Test Preparation Manual contains 101 pages of fire-related materials such as those found in academy and training manuals. The 10th Edition TPM consists of five chapters:
    • Firefighter Orientation
    • Hoses and Ladders
    • First Aid and Rescue
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Emergency Incident Rehabilitation

Please note that the content of the 10th Edition TPM is different from material presented in previous editions. If you are a candidate testing with a department who is using the 10th Edition TPM, you are strongly encouraged to study only from the 10th Edition Candidate manual.


The reading level approximates that found on the job.


The 10th Edition TPM Test consist of 80 items constructed from material in their corresponding manual. All answers pertaining to the TPM Test come directly from the Manual. Every item has been reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and has been used and analyzed.




The TPM process is designed to address all applicable provisions of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and to be in accord with professional standards for tests.


The Test Preparation Manual is in a similar format to materials read on the job and in the fire academy.


The TPM process replicates the process applied on the job of learning information and being tested on that information. It allows for educationally disadvantaged candidates to compensate by extra study, as they could on the job. The use of "mini-academies" can further reduce adverse impact and test anxiety.


The TPM test has twice been found valid in Federal District Courts.


Previewing the TPM Test


To preview the manual and test, HR or Fire Department representatives may:

  1. Call FPSI at (916) 294-4242 and request a Test Security Agreement if you do not have one on file. (Departments outside California may use our toll-free number (888) 990-3473)
  2. Sign and return by mail or fax the Test Security Agreement. [fax: 916-294-4240]
  3. We will send you review copies of our products for your perusal, together with information on how to order the test for your department.

FPSI addresses the federal Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures.


If you are a representative of an agency interested in upgrading your agency's recruitment process, promotional exams, or physical ability testing, please visit our FPSI contact page.